Have you ever considered commissioning a piece of furniture that would integrate with your surroundings, fulfil  your requirements and meet your aesthetic desires?

Matthew will meet with you initially and discuss your requirements.  He will show you his portfolio of work to inspire you, and discuss your tastes and style preferences.  

There is an abundance of different types of timber and a wide range of ways that timber can be processed.  Matthew will show you samples and discuss available options including inlays, marquetry, laminations and more.  

After coming to a mutual agreement on the most appropriate design, Matthew will produce rendered CAD drawings and quote for the items.

The intention with all Matthew's commissions is for customers receiving their new pieces of furniture to have enjoyed the process, and also to be satisfied beyond their expectations with the work produced.
Matthew's approach is centred around the hope that you will appreciate the benefits of commissioning a bespoke item of furniture and will continue to do so in the future.